How to Make a Buttercream Basketweave Cake Design

{“en”:”Start with your decorating bag at a 45 degree angle with your tip lightly touching the cake. Begin to squeeze allowing the icing to attach to the surface and pipe a vertical line. For the horizontal strips keep your bag at a 45 degree angle now at three o’clock and pipe short strips of icing. Spacing should be the same as the width of the tip opening. You will want to keep all your strips around the same length. When piping on the side of the cake it works best to have it at eye level to ensure your lines are straight. Pipe you next vertical line over the end your horizontal strips. For the next set of strips begin by burying your tip under the previous line. Continue piping lines and strips until you have covered your area. For a different look use different types like star or round tips. Try piping with the serrated side of the tip down or combine two different tips for different woven basket looks.”}

As found on Youtube