{“en”:”Hey guys, itu2019s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today we are gonna be making something that has been heavily requested for such a long time! We are gonna be making a Volcano Cake! A science cake! And weu2019re gonna be using dry ice today, so that when we make the volcano, actual smoke will be coming out of the top. Iu2019m so excited to do this! Plus my little friends, theyu2019re finally gonna have a little home! Yes! Alright, letu2019s get started! The things you will need, will be: Pretzel sticks, frosting, I have vanilla buttercream and chocolate frosting. 1 water bottle, and what I did on the top of this as you can see, I cut off the top of the water bottle, because this will be the tube for our volcano which we put the dry ice in. Youu2019ll also need graham crackers, cherry jello mix, 1 12 inch chocolate cake, you can use any recipe youu2019d like, and youu2019ll need 4 6 inch chocolate cakes. I used this pan, little 6 inch round pan. And last but not least you will need dry ice, you keep dry ice in a cooler, not in the freezer like you would think, thatu2019s what I thought.

But no, you keep it in a cooler, and here it is. Oh! Itu2019s kinda sch-moky! Itu2019s gonna get super smoky when we add liquid to it. When it reacts with H2O. Alright! Letu2019s put this all together! The first thing youu2019re gonna do is take your 4 6 inch round cakes and your water bottle, and Iu2019m putting this water bottle in the middle. It can be any shape or size, doesnu2019t matter, or it can be a plastic cup! Thatu2019s fine too! And Iu2019m just gonna cut out the shape like so! Haha thatu2019s kinda creepy, Iu2019ll stop now! Once you got all the centers cut out of the 4 cakes, what youu2019re gonna do is frost them in-between, stack them, and then put the water bottle right down the middle.

Now youu2019re gonna put on a little muffin cake top, eragh! Like so! Perfect, alright, now youu2019re gonna put this huge monster of cake pile into the freezer and freeze for about 20 minutes. While the volcano cake is in the freezer, weu2019re gonna go do a bunch of other things. Prep baking! OK, so the first thing that I did is youu2019re gonna take graham crackers, just a basic graham cracker, and I threw these in the blender, if you donu2019t have a blender you can hand crumble them so that they will look like this. Kind of makes them look like sand. I did this when I made the Game of Thrones cake. The chest of the dragon eggs! Then youu2019re gonna take green fondant, and if you donu2019t have fondant you can use leaf candy, or any other sticky gummy candy, kinda like airheads or whatever you got.

Some Tootsie Rolls candy comes in different colors, I got this little mold at Michaels, itu2019s from Wilton, Iu2019ve used it a bunch, itu2019s really really handy, and Iu2019m using the smallest leaf that I could find, and Iu2019m just pressing the fondant in there and then youu2019re just gonna cut out the shape of the leaf with a little knife or a toothpick or whatever youu2019ve got handy. And what weu2019re gonna end up doing, is taking a pretzel stick, which is going to be the tree trunk. And then weu2019re gonna put all the little fondant leaves up on the top. Then stick them all together up here. Alright, we just took the cake out of the freezer, and now youu2019re gonna take your sharpest knives and weu2019re just gonna start carving the shape of the volcano! Just finished carving my volcano shape, and now Iu2019m gonna take this, itu2019s basically like a big flipper, and weu2019re gonna stick it under our volcano cake, pick it up, and then transfer it onto our big round circle 12 inch cake.

OK here we go, hooo! Got it! Easy does it! Easy does it! Easy does it! Easy does it! YES! Iu2019m positioning the volcano towards the back of the cake so that theres a little bit of room in the front because Iu2019m gonna make my little trees there, and other stuff. Perfect! Now weu2019re just gonna frost a bunch of chocolate frosting all up the volcano! And now I am going to frost the sand, to make, on the bottom, on the base of the cake, because Iu2019m gonna make this look like Volcano Island! Itu2019s like Jurassic Park, only, the whole thingu2019s a volcano! Iu2019m just gonna spread the sand colored frosting all along the base of the cake. And then Iu2019m gonna sprinkle on our graham cracker crumbs to make it look like real sand! I just finished putting all the graham cracker on to make it look like a beach on Volcano Island, and now Iu2019ve got blue frosting, itu2019s actually 2-toned, I put a little bit of light blue and a little bit of dark blue, and green frosting.

And Iu2019m gonna make the ocean for Volcano Island, and then Iu2019m gonna put little grass everywhere! The last decoration that I made last night was this little teeny dino! I just had to, he was so cute! My dinos were too big to fit on this Volcano Island, so I made this little guy out of fondant! Iu2019m just gonna stick him right here, oh heu2019s so cute! Oh yeah, heu2019s just hanging out. Perfect! And now itu2019s time for dry ice! So here is the test experiment, here is us using dry ice, and the Jello water mixture I made, and itu2019s making all these weird, uh, gas filled pockets, and I think itu2019s because the sugar wasnu2019t completely dissolved, and I think that if you do use Jello, you are gonna have to boil 2 cups of water and then add the mixture to make sure that the sugar has completely dissolved, because if you donu2019t, this is whatu2019s going to happen! So instead, Iu2019m just going to be adding water, gonna make it easy, because the smoke is what we want.

And I thought it would be bubbling a little bit of red, but instead, this is happening! I am so excited, this is the part that Iu2019ve been looking forward to! I just carefully put in a bunch of dry ice, into the water bottle, through the top. Just be very careful when youu2019re handling dry ice, you want to gloves, and I like to use tongs or pliers, just do not touch the dry ice because it is -109 degrees, so itu2019s very, very cold, it reminds me of liquid nitrogen! OK, Iu2019ve got the water, remember, weu2019re not using Jello because it did that weird effect that I donu2019t know what that was.

Iu2019m just gonna pour water, very carefully, here we go! Into Volcano Island! Oh it’s amazing! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Oh Dino, don’t get too close to the Volcano! Iu2019m gonna add a little bit more, because itu2019s just so cool! Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh my gosh this is so cool! Thanks you guys for suggesting it, I had so much fun making this cake, because it had to do with science! So if you guys have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen! OK, bye-bye! Why donu2019t I do this for every single drink that I drink? Just like, oh, yes! Agh, pfft, pfft! Maybe thatu2019s why!. “}

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