How to make Wilton Buttercream Icing

{“en”:”Hi I’m Emily Tatuk from the Wilton Test Kitchen today I’m here to show you Wilton’s classic buttercream it’s a great recipe because it’s soft enough that you can spread it on your cake but it’s sturdy enough that you can make all those beautiful decorations like borders and writing on topic of your cake there are a few types of equipment you need for this you’ll need a stand mixer like the one I have here or a hand mixer you’ll need your paddle attachment not your wisk you’ll need a sturdy silicon spatula like this one and it’s always great to have a few measuring tools on hand just in case some of the ingredients you’ll need for this recipe are half a cup of butter or one stick you’ll need half a cup of vegetable shortening 1 teaspoon clear vanilla extract four cups of sifted confectioners sugar and two to three tablespoons of milk if you want to make this a chocolate buttercream you can add three quarters cup cocoa powder and an additional 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk depending on the consistency of your buttercream so let’s get started first I’m going to add my butter in my shortening this can go right into my bowl and the important thing with this is you want to make sure that your butter is completely softened you don’t want to come out in the fridge and still be firm because you want your shortening and your butter to be well combined I’m putting on my paddle attachment I’m going to start on medium to medium low I’m just going to get these nice and combined it’s really important when making buttercream to continuously scrape down the sides of your bowl so you don’t have a big hunk of shortening or butter at the bottom you want to make sure everything is nice and evenly incorporated so I’m going to stop my mixer wrong way and just give it a nice little scrape off my paddle I want to make sure that everything is in there like that, it’s really good to scrape the bottom of your bowl too just so everything can mix in let’s start it up again and now that my butter and shortening is really combined I’m going to add my vanilla extract so this is one teaspoon again just go right in with that and mix until it’s really nice and combined that looks great so I’m actually going to move my mixture down to low and start adding my confectioner sugar you want to have your speed on low because as everyone has done it once in their life if you have it high and you put something like flour or confectioners sugar in a bowl it’s just going to go right in your face so make sure that it’s on low I’m going to go half a cup at a time it’s important to do this in really small increments because you don’t want a lumpy buttercream you want it really smooth and really glossy and that feel on your tongue it’s just great it’s going to keep adding and I’ll do the next addition when things start to get a little dry and don’t be concerned your butter cream will look dry that’s normal that’s why we’re going to add milk at the end and as I mentioned before if you wanted to make this a chocolate buttercream I would take the cocoa powder and I would sift it in with my confectioners sugar and that way you won’t have any lumps or anything and It’ll just be nice and smooth okay so we’ll just keep adding alright my buttercream is looking pretty dry and clumpy but don’t be concerned this is exactly what it’s supposed to look like you can tell my mixer is getting a little tired but don’t worry alright so that’s the rest of it, all in and I’m going to add my one to two tablespoons of milk I’m going to do this slowly because you don’t want to add too much about a tablespoon alright it looks like it needs both the tablespoons and from here I’m going to turn it off and I’m actually gonna scrape my bowl again a lot gets stuck to your paddle just make sure to get all that off and again really get down there and get the bottom and the sides you don’t want anything unmixed.

alright this looks great I’m going to turn my mixer up to about medium now and really get it going and you’ll see how quickly it goes from kind of a lumpy mess to this smooth creamy consistency it’s really cool so we’re just about there I now have medium consistency buttercream if you’re not going to use it right away make sure to put in an airtight container and put in your refrigerator it’ll stay for two weeks before using it bring it back to room temperature put it in your bowl and beat it well for more tips and tricks like this visit “}

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