How to Use Fondant (4 Tips) | Cake Decorating Tutorial

{“en”:”Clean, beautiful results can be a piece of cake. Learn 4 secrets for working with fondant – without the fuss. Hi, I’m Joshua John Russell. I’m a cake designer and an instructor on Craftsy dot com. Fondant is a rollable icing that is very easy to work with and gives your cakes a chic and sophisticated look. Here are some of my tricks for stress-free fondant. When you’re rolling fondant you may see little bubbles… but you can use a straight pin to pop them as you go. Keep your eye on the pin though!  Put it in a piece of styrofoam so it’s not just floating around! Now after you pop a bubble, it may leave a mark.  That’s an easy fix. Just take a piece of fondant and rub it over the blemish, this is called “polishing”.

Sticking is another problem you might have. To keep the fondant from sticking to your work surface, you can use a dusting of corn starch or powdered sugar. I prefer sugar. When you are rolling fondant, you are making microscopic tears in the surface, kind of like building muscle. The sugar will become part of the fondant again but corn starch could cause what we call Elephant skin. So use it sparingly!…unless you are making an Elephant cake of course. When you are rolling fondant, consistent thickness can be an issue I like to use spacing bars to keep it even and uniform. Now that you know how to roll out perfect fondant, try using it to add decorations Roll out the fondant out and cut shapes. Use a little piping gel or water to glue them in place. If you are gluing them on a buttercream cake, the buttercream is already sticky… no glue necessary. It’s that simple, using just fondant we’ve made an fun and professional looking cake. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you can click the “i” in the top-right corner of this video to learn more Cake Decorating techniques or to find the supplies I’ve been using in this video.”}

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