Make Your OWN Piping Tips with Bags – Decorating Hacks with Jill

{“en”:”Today I am going to show you how to use freezer bags to make decorating tips Just buy the freezer bags at your store. I use the quart size You will need some tape to reinforce the bags Some scissors and frosting I will put buttercream recipe in descriptions box below I am using pink and blue today I will teach you how to make a writing tip, star tip, rose tip and a leaf tip Let’s start with a simple writing tip Take tape to reinforce the end of the bag Tape on both sides of the bag Cut a small hole Then open up bag and fold the other way and cut again This makes a complete round hole Put a small amount of frosting in the bag if using to write too much icing will make it hard to write Here I am writing the word LOVE To make a larger hole, cut in a scallop or u shape Instead of cutting across You cut in a curve This will open up your hole Now I can make other designs with a larger opening Here I make a swirl and a zig zag Now let me show you how to make a star tip Using tape, reinforce both sides Make two first slits Now open the bag and make one more slit down the middle This will make a 6 point star tip Let’s put some icing in Always test your tip before putting on a cake Here I show how you can make beautiful star designs Now let’s make a rose tip Reinforce the sides of a bag with tape Tape on both sides of the edge of the bag Now make a very thin cut about 1/2 inch Make the sliver cut Add some frosting to your bag I made a thicker icing to make the rose design I just added more powdered sugar to the recipe You can make lots of designs and flowers with the rose tip Now I will show you how to make a leaf tip Reinforce the bag again on both sides of the bag Cut an upside down V When putting icing in a bag, create a sleeve so the icing doesn’t get all over you and the top of the bag To make leaves, just press and pull out to make a leaf It also makes a beautiful border too! Now you are ready to make your own tips!”}

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