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{“en”:”Whats up youtube welcome to man about cake I am your host Joshua John Russell I’m a sugar artist and a pastry chef and your resident cake slayer joining me is my all male crew which is not weird at all that four guys would just be hanging out talking about cake but that’s what we do so today this man is all about floral wreath cakes it’s a trend that’s popping up on the internet it’s kind of all over the place I enjoy it I’m gonna break it down today we’re going to build a cake we’re going to make some sugar flowers and put the whole thing together so let’s get started ok so let’s get started building our chocolate cakes we’re actually going to do a three tiered cake i’m going to do a 9-inch round six inch round and a 3 inch round by the way if you want these recipes you can click the I the top of this video or all the recipes are in the description I’m gonna start by leveling my cakes you can do this with a ruler I kind of like to be a little bit more organic so I’m just going to divide this cake in half so we have two layers so then we’ll end up with six layers very sticky cake very sticky so now we’re going to fill the cakes with a little bit of chocolate ganache chocolate buttercream and a drizzle of actual chocolate in between the layers this will give a nice crunch component for later extreme chocolate close up I’m just going to continue building the cake layer cake layer of ganache layer of buttercream drizzled another layer of cake – we’ve got all six layers together this is going to be epically good.

I need a hype man. Remember in the nineties like the guy groups that had like the one guy had the super deep voice that never saying but at the end was like a girl this cake is gonna be so good can you make my voice deeper though girl this cake’s gonna be so good I’m gonna put that buttercream in between the layers just like you like it – thick, too, girl alright so now we’re going to get him in the cooler and he’ll firm up and we’re ready for a crumb coat so now their cakes have firmed up and their chilled i’m just going to give it a slight shave on the site and then I’m going to level the top right now we’re going to ice it was just a very thin layer this is a crumb coat trusty scraper and then we’ll do the same with the top just come across it done so now that our crumb coat is completely chilled to the touch we are actually going to do the final coat now so it’s the same buttercream just chocolate buttercream but we’re going to bring it all the way out to the edges let’s start with the top and then we will I sides now the final code is done i’m gonna put this back in the fridge to chill before we apply the modeling chocolate I’m gonna do the same thing to the other tiers so now the cakes are they have your final coat and a chilling in the fridge we’re going to talk a little bit about modeling chocolate you want to make this the day before and let it sit out overnight so that it hardens and it literally hard it like a break so we’re going to actually need this into a multiple paste that we can roll it out and wrap it around our cakes little elbow grease I have very audience there’s nothing wrong with that so I’m like a little oven can’t help but have a high metabolism anybody want to taste it like a giant slab of tootsie roll delish you have to eat that whole thing to name just call that lunch around here is a good workout actually they didn’t step up stacked bringing now we’re done now it’s completely pliable we can roll it out and cut it into panels to wrap around our cake I’ve got a little piece of modeling chocolate here I’ve got a rolling pin I like this one especially because you can put these bands on the side here it’s consistently think all the way across so I’m actually gonna cut this down a little bit because we’re going to trim it on the cake I don’t want to hang over too much so I’m just gonna make a nice little circle e thing make sure there’s no air bubbles so I got a really really sharp blade that’s important and i’m just gonna cut into the cake that will be our starting point and then we’ll just follow the cake all the way around so it’s a little bit jagged but once we put the round piece on around it we actually will smooth this edge and it will become more perfect little over 5 inches I’m going to go five and a quarter and I’m going to turn the top kind of like we did the side by the way I would have a cake ruler at home just a ruler that’s just for cake is out I don’t know what you’re measuring James cake ruler just going to roll out and make sure we’re going to clear that five and a quarter them cleared it so now i’m going to actually roll it out lengthwise there’s a bubble gonna pop this bubble with a an exacto knife you can use a needle if you want but the best thing about modeling chocolate that you can just rode over the mission it comes right off tag no bubbles that’s not a real in this should be a real hashtag I feel like that’s probably good all right so I’m going to cut a straight edge for our starting point and then we’ll cut a straight edge all the way across for our bottom I’m just going to roll it up that’s a real 50 role so corny and then the straight edge of the cut is actually the bottom edge so now we have these two pieces that overlap I’m going to cut them right in the middle of one piece off all the other piece off and will be perfect alright so now we’re going to cut around the top kind of like we did before the cake surgery so now that i’m done i’m just kind of running my hand over the modeling chocolate you get rid of any flaws with the heat of your hand all right now the cake is all panel I’m going to put it back in the cooler and i’m going to pass on the other two and then we’ll stack the cake just keeps getting heavier now so since the tier on top here is a six-inch have a six inch board so this will be my guide to tell me exactly where I should put my dolls Lucas cure and score it now we will insert our bubble tea straws all the way down make sure that the pointy side is up in two trim me so you have a flat surface i’m just going to take scissors flush to the cake will pull it up flip it and now through the magic of television I’m gonna do this very fast all right now that we are all stacked and level we are going to do a grizzly Rubby type chocolate texture so i’m using a bottle this is actually not cooler this is coating chocolate because we cover the whole cake we want to make sure that when it sets we can cut through it and added a little bit of oil so it’s even softer and i’m just going to paint it on its going to look crazy at first you guys anything like what the heck is this guy doing once it’s set and we add a little bit of gold – it’s a really really cool effect to the chocolates going to start to set as you put it on so just work in sections and you want it to not be perfect it needs to have some texture to it because the gold will pick up the light will look really cool we call this technique grizzly 20 p can be trained like that ok now that we have the whole cake covered and know that she looks crazy but once we paint over this with gold it’s going to look like a magical tree trunk so I’m just going to dip my brush and a little bit of powder gold I’m not covering the whole thing and just dusting over it so parts will catch the light kind of looks like Dragon Skin right right there’s like dragons team guys boom now that we’re done with that we’re now going to start the wreath so it’s time to make our sugar flowers for our floral wreath I’m starting with this pink sort of gum paste i’m actually going to end up dusting it read later but i wanted to have a little bit of color in there so I’m not taking white all the way to read I’m gonna roll the pace out so gum paste it actually dries out really quickly you want to make sure you always keep it covered so now i’m going to actually find this out so I’m just going to stretch this guy the returning one edge and keep the bottom a little bit thicker that’s what’s going to wrap around the actual cone so to glue this on to the cone i’m actually use a little bit of pasteurized egg white I’m just going to brush the comb and we’re going to wrap this guy around them and flower be a guy ok so this is going to be just our little bud now we got our start the next round will be three pedals alright so we’re going to wrap these around one by one hold all the petals on and then we’ll have to take and stick the places that aren’t stuck down you don’t really have to worry about the bottom as much because we’re going to put a K looks on this and you won’t see any of this this can kind of grows at the bottom it will be covered up so that’s going to be our first stage that’s for the three now we’re going to add the five to make sort of a small to medium-sized rose we’re going to add one more round of five petals to get a little bit bigger of a rose and then we’ll start to build our b school no flower thing just go no one ever opened a real flower by blowing in it now so now because this is our last row want to be a little bit more open i’m actually gonna open some of the pedals up a little bit and we’ll pinch some of them they look like an actual real rose to make a bunch more of these and they’re going to set them aside to dry and it will work on our lives so the leaves are made a little bit differently because we’re not building them on a cone so we have to actually roll out the gum paste on a board like this it has some grooves so then when you pull the paste-up boom now we have our little crevices or we can actually insert the wire you can use the leaf cutter here actually prefer cutting my leaves by hand my hair is really out of control it’s getting bigger and bigger anything I don’t know what’s happening as the day goes on it like she’s like goes to Jesus I don’t know everything now we’re going to insert the wire and then we’re going to vein it over at the soul of aiding tool you could actually do this yourself with like addressing tool but I kind of had this guy for like I don’t know 10 years so I’m a taper the leaf off onto the wire and put it on the banner and we’ll take a little piece of phone like this mean it you don’t have to make that sound you can be gentle pull the guy off will do the same thing to his little brother here so if you leave the leaves just like this they’re going to dry like they were electrocuted so I cut a piece of my bed I’m just kidding that actually is very self help i use either crumpled-up foil or a piece of this what you call this egg phone and great not memory phone right now so see now that if I just lay them over this will have a little bit of life and they look like release so easy we’re going to do the same thing with these actually there are roses leave them overnight so they dry hard and we’re going to dust everything we’ve got it does the ugly underside – here’s our beautiful red rose that will soon be turned into a floral wreath swear swear we’re getting there and it’s going to get this do you want me to world you want to roll this because I can do either they’re all the hay grassy green on this side maybe a little dark in the middle blend it all together do the same thing on the back side and then I actually like to add to the leaves whatever color my flowers are going to be just a touch of red just right here to the bottom Jimmy tutorial and Brandon who so now that all of our leaves and flowers are dusted we’re going to start to put the floral wreath together I’m actually added a couple of calyces to the roses and i’m going to show you how to do one at a little glue to him and then we’ll just bring them all the way up now it’s finally time to put our floral wreath together so now that this site is done i’m gonna show you the key to how to make this it’s to anchor this flower and then work on this spray and then this spray to complete the arc so this pick is a little bit larger that’s what we used for this guy but he’s too large for this flower so what I’m going to do is actually use a straw so then we’re prayer protecting the cake but we’re not using something that’s ginormous that we can’t cover up so I’m just going to make a tiny little hole exactly opposite of this flower my exacto I don’t have my strong piece and that will be where that guy sits so now we’ll build the ark so I’m gonna start by making a bottom side of the arc i’m going to start with that tiny leaves and take my way up adding a smaller rose and some filler flowers that i bought from the store with each one I’m just wrapping the tape around and going on to the next one until i reach the medium sized rose then i connect it to the medium sized rose and start on the top part of the arc now I take it all together and anchor it into the straw for the final touch I’m going to add a large rose next to the focal point and do the same thing with the straw so the wire did not touch the cake thank you for joining me on our very first episode of and about cake I think she turned out pretty good let me know in the comments below like the video and subscribe to the channel and I will bring you a new cake each week let’s cut the cake guys see you next week guys globe”}

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