The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating® is now on Creativebug

{“en”:”We love your kitchen I know isn’t it beautiful Hi, I am Emily from the Wilton Test Kitchen over the next four weeks I’m here to show you how to bake the perfect chocolate cake, how to work and roll fondant how to make beautiful and simple drop flowers and how to decorate cupcakes with buttercream In the Wilton test kitchen we strive to make product and recipes that are great for use so when you go home you are always successful In this week we will be making 2 different cakes, one it’s going to be a bare sided cake also known as a naked cake and the last thing we’re going to is smooth ice the cake so you get that perfect smooth beautiful look, I love baking and decorating cupcakes because there such a small individual canvas that they’re not intimidating We’re playing with color in this class so it’s the same technique but we’re just changing the look of the cupcake but we are going to do everything with 2 tips so you get the most bang for your buck Fondant is one of those decorating mediums that people are really intimidated by but it is so beautiful and so classic, it’s in all the magazines all over Pinterest and once really get comfortable with that and learn how to use it you’ll always use it and it will be one of you go to cake decorating mediums.

Royal icing is mainly use to make flowers that you can do in a variety of shapes and colors and it’s great because it dries hard so you can use them for future projects down the road I am going to show you how to mix colors together to get very customizable and beautiful color palette and then I am going to show you this free motion swirl technique on top of the cake to create a beautiful but classic textured cake perfect for any event. “}

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